2x Alien Hunter

2x Alien Grey

1x Alien Infiltrator

1x Alien Telepath

1x Cosmic Horror Gangi'el

1x Alien Warrior

2x Alien Psychic

2x Alien Mars

2x Alien Shocktrooper

1x Flying Saucer Muusik'i

1x Interplanetary Invader "A"

1x Alien Mother

1x Alien Overlord

1x Alien Dog

1x Alien Skull


2x "A" Cell Scatter Burst

2x Otherworld - The "A" Zone

2x "A" Cell Breeding Device

1x Mysterious Triangle

1x "A" Cell Incubator

1x Corruption Cell "A"

1x Nightmare's Steelcage


1x Planet Pollutant Virus

1x Interdimensional Warp

2x Brainwashing Beam

2x Orbital Bombardment

1x Mass Hypnosis

1x Call of the Haunted

1x Detonator Circle "A"

1x Alien Brain

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